We make the call so you don’t have to

Our concierge phone service saves time and money by making various kinds of business phone calls on your behalf.

The kinds of calls we can make

We can call US telephone numbers about a variety of business situations.

  • Call your distributor to file for an RMA or warranty claim.
  • Call your vendor or warehouse to schedule shipments.
  • Call a hotel to book a room.
  • Call a carrier, like Fedex or UPS, to check status of a shipment.
  • Call customers who owe you money.
  • Call your customer to assist them with your product.
  • Call another business to ask them a list of questions.

How does it work?

Our concierge phone service can be used upon request or on a regularly scheduled basis.

Upon Request

You send us an email explaining who you want us to call and what you want us to say to them. One of our team members will make the call within one business day and email you back with the results.

Regular Basis

We will make the same type of call for you on a regularly scheduled basis. You explain who you want us to call, what you want us to say, and when you want us to make the calls.

What does it cost?

Each call costs $15.00, which includes 20 minutes of talk time. Additional minutes are $1.00 per minute.

What counts as a call?

We either reached and spoke to a person or left a voicemail. Unanswered calls that don’t reach voicemail are not counted as a call.

Can LDR receive phone calls on my behalf?

We can receive return phone calls relating to a call we made on your behalf. If you need us to receive other kinds of phone calls on your behalf, such as customer support calls, we can do that but it is a different service. Please reach out to us about pricing and availability.

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