Managing returns can be one of the most challenging aspects of e-commerce. Our return management solutions are designed to simplify this process, reduce operational headaches, and improve your bottom line. By partnering with us, you gain access to industry-leading expertise and innovative systems tailored to your business.

Comprehensive Returns Management Solutions

  • Receipt and inspection of returned items
  • Efficient sorting, repackaging, and restocking
  • Disposal and recycling services for unsellable returns
  • Fulfill orders directly to new customers or prep and send units back to Amazon FBA

How it works

Each time you approve an RMA (return merchandise authorization) or Amazon removal order, your inventory ships to our warehouse, where we provide customizable services to reclaim value. Our primary services include:

  • Basic inspection / B-stock sorting — quickly identify new, unopened units and get them back to market. Ideal for low-value inventory.
  • Returns Triage — receive fast, actionable disposition to make the best decisions about refunds, restocking fees, or secondary sales channels.
  • Refurbishment — light repairs, parts replacements, and repackaging for private label brands.

Return merchandise authorization

merchandise requires management after the return. The product has a second life cycle after the return. An important aspect of RMA management is learning from

return management solutions

Streamlined B-stock Sorting for low-value inventory

We streamline your returns management by efficiently sorting returned items into categories of “New” and “B-stock”. Upon receiving returns, we verify item accuracy and condition. Items in their original, unopened packaging are classified as “New” and are ready to be restocked or returned to Amazon FBA. Items that do not meet these criteria are designated as “B-stock” and set aside without further processing or detailed reporting. This service is ideal for managing low-value inventory efficiently, ensuring quick turnover without the expense of detailed inspections or repairs.

Returns Triage provides actionable information at the speed of your business

Our Returns Triage service offers a comprehensive solution for handling returned merchandise. This process includes opening and conducting a detailed inspection of each unit that is not factory sealed, checking for signs of use, tampering, or missing accessories. We also replace damaged packaging and clean each item to ensure it looks its best. Items are then sorted into categories such as “New,” “Used – Like New,” “Used – Acceptable,” or “Damaged.” Each unit is accompanied by a detailed report and high-definition photos, providing clear documentation of its condition.

Refurbishment for private label brands

Tailored for private label brands and manufacturers, our Refurbishment service enhances the value of returned items. We not only inspect and sort items by condition but also perform light repairs and replace missing or damaged components as provided by you. This service includes functionality tests to ensure items meet quality standards before re-entering the market. It’s an ideal solution for businesses looking to maintain high standards and customer satisfaction by offering professionally refurbished products.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Our return management solutions are backed by a state-of-the-art dashboard that provides full transparency and visibility into your returns in real-time. Daily reports help you stay on top of the flow and make decisions with confidence.

  • Example return receiving report email included with return management services
  • Return Management Reports and Analytics

Charge restocking fees with confidence and clarity

Our return management solutions provide the data you need to make quick decisions about restocking fees, exchanges, or refunds. Our returns triage service provides detailed condition information and pictures of each return, so you can quickly decide what course of action to take.

Shipping damage claims on returns

We all know many returned items are unsellable mainly because of the packaging. It’s common for the product itself to be fine, while the packaging is totally destroyed. The pictures and evidence we record during checkin helps many sellers file damage claims with carriers like UPS or Fedex to recoup these losses.

List “used” products on secondary markets

Many “unsellable” returns can easily be graded Used – Like New or Used – Very Good, while retaining most of their value. Our return management solutions make it easy to relist these items with confidence and reclaim your funds, particularly through B2B sales, your own website, or secondary markets like eBay.

What our customers say

Reliability and dedication

We’re incredibly satisfied with the exceptional services rendered. Your unwavering dedication to achieving flawless returns management has significantly enhanced our operations. Kudos to LDR! We wholeheartedly recommend your services to those in need of reliable return management solutions.

~ Moses M.

Flexible and no delays

The business partner I have been looking for the past few years, you won’t find that flexible company nowhere. The always process my returns on time with no delay, which is very important for my business. Even more, they customize their internal processes as per my needs.

~ Pavel K.

Best notifications I’ve ever seen.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a better notification on mail received by a third-party. You guys did great!

~ Nick R.

Our customers find our return management solutions transformative for their business. We work with sellers of all sizes, ranging from 8-figure online retailers to folks who are just launching their brand.

How to get started and what to expect

The best thing to do is contact one of our returns consultants during Q1 or Q2 of the year. Setting up new return management projects is best handled during the slower seasons of the year.