How much do returns really cost?

How much are you spending on returns?

Returns are a pain for all retailers, especially ecommerce sellers, and the problem is only growing worse. Retailers struggle to find solutions to the flood of returns pouring in from online market places, often selling returned merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

Figuring out the real margin on products, which must factor in returns, can be exceedingly difficult. Many online retailers are spending more processing returns, and getting less value back than they realize.

Try our calculator to see how much returns are really costing your business, and how we can help you.

Refurbishment Calculator

How much are you really spending dealing with returns?

Use our simple calculator to find out how you can save time, save money, and improve your ROI.

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Direct Losses from Returns:
Value Recovered:
Total Cost of Returns:
Real Value Recovered:

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Direct Losses from Returns:
Value Recovered:
Total Cost of Returns:
Real Value Recovered:

On average, our customers reclaim 65% of the value from their returns while spending less money on return processing.

Figures shown above are estimates only, showcasing ideal scenarios. While our estimates are based on industry averages, not everyone should expect to achieve the same results. The figures and estimates displayed by this calculator are for general reference purposes only, and do not represent any kind of guarantee or agreement.

How does Refurbishment Help with my Returns?

Recover investment from returned sales

If you are currently processing your own returns or partnering with a 2nd-tier sales channel or liquidation partner, our refurbishment solutions could reclaim as much as 67% more value from your returns.

With our refurbishment services returns are processed by certified technicians who are specially trained to recover the most value possible. It’s simple. Your returns ship to us, we refurbish them, and you send them back to market. You retain full ownership of the products at all times, and we provide service. Click here to learn more

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