Email delivery outages

It seems like we’re having reports about some customers not receiving emails from our ticketing system or customer portal. We’re looking into the issue to figure out who it’s effecting and what’s causing it.…

Facebook is down

Facebook is Down

Just letting everyone know Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are down right now. I know a lot of our customers and workforce use these apps to communicate.

Web Portal Updates

Web Portal Updates: June 2021

We’ve been working on some recent updates to our web portal. Here’s a quick rundown:

Presort / Receiving Info Is Now Visible

It’s SOP for us to scan every package we receive at the door, and our web portal now displays this info.…

Status: Checkin Picture Outage

December 30, 2:06PM: The picture tool has been corrected and is now correctly uploading pictures to our cloud server so customers can access them through the web portal. All missing pictures have been restored and no data was lost. This issue affected 111 pictures taken between December 29 and today, and they have all been restored.…

WeChat spies on all user’s content: Amazon sellers need to know

WeChat spies on all user’s content: Amazon sellers need to know

A security analysis conducted by Citizenlab has found WeChat spies on all users, including those registered outside of China.

Here is a link to the full report:

This is a little off the path of something we’d post on our blog, but we feel our customers need to know.…

Ohio issues “stay at home” order — how we’re responding

Concierge phone service for ecommerce

Ohio issues “stay at home” order — how we’re responding

Latest update: 2020-04-07:

The COVID-19 situation has now begun to affect our services, and we ask that our customers be patient as we navigate this. Specifically, this is what’s happening:

  • Some of our staff are on leave right now for related health and family matters.