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Amazon FBA LPN – how to use it.

Amazon FBA removal items often have “LPN” stickers… but what are they for? We know Amazon wants them for claims, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were more transparent? Amazon has finally added a feature enabling sellers and 3PLs to lookup order data by LPN.

If you’re a consumer, this article isn’t for you. Sorry for any confusion.

This article is intended for people or companies who sell on If you’re a consumer seeing an LPN barcode on something you bought, this article won’t help you. An LPN can only be looked up by the merchant who sold the item.

What is an LPN anyway?

LPN means “license plate number”, and it’s a technique used by warehouses to track individual units of stock. The Amazon FBA LPN is used to track specific details about individual stock units within Amazon’s fulfillment network. LPNs enable the warehouse to track specific units of stock, such as what shipments or customers they’re related to, who’s touched the item, or other detailed information. Like a serial number.

Why look up FBA removal items by LPN?

Looking up FBA removal inventory by LPN provides visibility into the reason that specific unit may have been returned or marked unsellable. That information can be very helpful when sorting removals or attempting to file claims with Amazon.

lookup amazon removals by lpn
Looking up by LPN provides added visibility into stock condition and return reason.

Where can I find this?

Amazon added this feature recently, as shown below. Here’s a direct link (

manage fba returns

The more you know…

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8 thoughts on “How to find returns using Amazon FBA LPN”

  1. I ordered for a new pair of Atika Outdoor Hiking sandal and got sandals loosely kept in a carton of Amazon. There is no original package of Atika. Does this mean the item is not new or it is used? The Amazon’s package shows a sticker saying ” LPN RR BX8832492″

    1. An LPN doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t new. It seems like Amazon adds an LPN to stock units when they want to track that specific unit for some reason. Returns are one reason they might do that. For example, someone may have purchased and returned it saying they bought it by mistake. Amazon might decide the return can be resold as new, but they assign an LPN in case someone complains about it later. That way they can track down what happened.

    1. No, only the Amazon seller who originally owned the products can use the LPN to look up what they are or why they were returned.

  2. This site did not help me for anything except direct me to Amazon which wants to sell the FBA / LPN look up service for $40/mo

    1. Kelly, I’m sorry for the confusion. This article is intended for people who sell products through Amazon and are trying to understand why products they sold got returned. Some Amazon sellers, especially those just starting out, aren’t sure how to do that.

  3. Should i be worried when purchasing an Item with LPN on it from a third party like Ebay, Craigslist or Offer up?

    1. No, not necessarily. It means the item was at Amazon’s warehouse at some point, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.

      A common scenario goes like this:

      Someone is selling new products on Amazon, and some of them get returned for various reasons. Amazon might say the items are “unsellable”, when there are only minor issues with the packaging or something. The seller then turns around and sells the products somewhere like eBay or they sell their “unsellable” stock to a liquidator who does that. Just having an LPN doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with the item.

      One of the main things our company does is help Amazon sellers sort through “unsellable” items. I’d say about 80% of them have nothing seriously truly wrong with them.

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