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We provide end-to-end logistics for your Amazon FBA inventory. Put your Amazon FBA on autopilot and never touch your inventory again.

The LDR Difference

LDR is an employee-owned company which prides itself in providing the best level of service to our customers. We take the time to fully understand our customer’s needs and tailor our services to match. LDR truly views our customers as partners, and we work to ensure everything is done according to rigorous standards and procedures with quality control checks built into every step of the work flow. As fellow business owners, from the board room down to the loading dock, our organization is uniquely suited to understand your business needs.

full service fba prep

Full Service FBA Prep

  • Fragile items, including glass and ceramics
  • “Dangerous Goods” / ORM-D
  • Light assembly, bundling, and kits
  • Grocery, topicals, and adult
  • Pallets and trucks welcome!




  • 48 hour processing as standard
  • Expedited 24-hour service available
  • Ship to 80% of North America in 2 business days
  • Credit payments process instantly

Location and Facilities

Our location in Cincinnati, Ohio gives your supply chain an edge over the competition.

Your shipments move fast. We are near the CVG international air hub and the primary national distribution centers for UPS and Fedex.


ship to most of north America in 2-3 days
Trucks and containers welcome

53ft semi trucks and 40ft HQ containers are no problem.

Multiple loading docks and fork lifts for fast, reliable load/unload

Reliable, cost-effective supplies

Local suppliers less than 1 mile away means we never run out of supplies.

Ready access to recycled shipping cartons keep the planet and your wallet green.

Peace of Mind

Our camera system, 24/7 access control, and proprietary technology protect your assets.

Staff are bound by non-disclosure agreements and are not permitted to sell on Amazon.


Pricing – Simple, Cost-Effective FBA Prep

You want easy to understand prices, and LDR delivers. Our pricing is based on the services completed for your items and how they will ship out.

The price of polybags, labels, and similar materials are included in the price. If for any reason we believe your order will incur additional expenses we will contact you before proceeding.

Prep Service & Pricing

Lightning Prep — Our most popular service for wholesale and large OA orders

lightning fast fba prep process
Our Lightning Prep service saves time and results in the fastest lead times.

OA and Removal Order Prep

OA or removal order prep

Small or mixed OA orders and most removal orders arrive across several days in many different packages. We neatly stack your packages as they arrive, and we begin processing them once we notice the deliveries slow down.

Standard Volume Based Pricing

For detailed prices, please download our most recent pricing guide: Prep Pricing – 2023-Q2

 Monthly Volume
Service < 10001000-25002500+
Basic Prep / Label$0.85$0.75$0.65
Bundle/kit 2-3 pack$1.50$1.35$1.25
Bundle/kit 4+ pack$2.00$1.85$1.75

OA and removals are $0.25 extra due to the additional sorting and label removal typically involved.

Prices are all-inclusive of standard bags, labels, stickers, and other materials. Additional supplies such as shipping cartons are billed at market rate with a standard 15% markup.

Bubble wrap, specialized materials, or unusual handling may incur additional charges.

Surcharges and Special Projects

Unload container


Small orders (fewer than 25 units of a SKU or less than 10 items per destination)

$15 or $5 extra per SKU
Extra labor and additional servicesClick for details


For Lightning Prep storage is free for 10 days. For OA or removal prep, we may ask you to lease a dedicated storage space to receive your deliveries.

General Rates

Storage TypeRate
Pallet$40/month — must fit inside a 4ft x 4ft x 4ft cube, and contain no more than 6 SKUs.
Cubic$0.68 CuFt per month

These storage prices apply only to prep, and may differ from other services offered.

Replenisment Storage and Rates

If you need to store inventory with us to replenish your Amazon store over time, please let us know. Additional charges apply for placing inventory into storage and pick/pack when it’s time to ship it out.

FBA Prep Non-compliance charges

We take pride in offering fast, accurate, reliable services. To achieve that, customers must understand that certain rules must be followed, otherwise extra work, delays, and process bottlenecks occur.

Download and review FBA Prep Non-compliance Charges


Still have questions?

We understand, finding the right partner requires detailed research. Maybe our FAQ can save some time?

All prices shown are representative of typical projects. After you complete an NDA we can negotiate prices for your specific needs.

Volume discounts are available. Please Contact Us for a customized quote.

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