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Outsource The Hands On Work.

We provide end-to-end logistics for your Amazon FBA inventory. Put your Amazon FBA on autopilot and never touch your inventory again.

The LDR Difference

LDR is an employee-owned company which prides itself in providing the best level of service to our customers. We take the time to fully understand our customer’s needs and tailor our services to match. LDR truly views our customers as partners, and we work to ensure everything is done according to rigorous standards and procedures with quality control checks built into every step of the work flow. As fellow business owners, from the board room down to the loading dock, our organization is uniquely suited to understand your business needs.

Cutting Edge Software and Processes

LDR’s proprietary web portal provides end-to-end transparency through the entire prep process.

  • Receive real-time updates about order and delivery status beginning the moment your purchase orders arrive at the prep center.
  • Recurring purchase orders enable best-in-class processing speed and convenience. No need to supply FNSKU labels and other instructions with each order.
  • No messy spreadsheets and emails.
  • Integrate with our API to fully automate your FBA supply chain.

Pricing – Simple, Cost-Effective FBA Prep

Sellers love our simple, competitive pricing structure. Our FBA prep pricing is based on the complexity of the prep needed and how the items ship from our warehouse.

Degree of PrepPrice per UnitExamples
NoneFree of chargeProducts require no labeling or kitting.

We just verify your purchase order is correct and pack the items for you.
Low Prep$0.45/unitProducts no larger than a shoe box which need labeling or bagging.
Medium Prep$0.65/unitSmaller items with more complex handling requirements.
Larger items with simple prep requirements (labels, bagging, etc).
High Prep$0.85/unitItems with very detailed kitting or prep instructions, or very large or bulky items.

Volume discounts are available. Please Contact Us for a customized quote.

Pick/Pack (Ship Out Charges)

Each outbound carton is $2.25 plus an additional $0.50 for each item after the first. Pallets are an additional $10 per pallet.

Bundling and Kitting

Prices for bundling and kitting simply follow the chart above, with each component of the bundle or kit counting as a Unit. For example, combining two regular size units in a poly bag and labeling them would be $0.70 (Light Prep X 2).

The price of polybags, labels, and similar materials are included in the price. If for any reason we believe your order will incur additional expenses we will contact you before proceeding.

Receiving Fees

For normal deliveries we do not charge any receiving fees. However, under some circumstances we may apply the surcharges below.

Unload truck or containerBilled by man hour @ $60/hrThis fees only applies to deliveries which occupy at least half of a container or truck.
Receive Pallet$10 / pallet 
Incorrectly labeled packages$3 / packagePackages received which do not have your account number as part of the address.
SortingBilled by man hour @ 60/hourFee for sorting and identifying visually similar items within the same shipment.


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