Navigating Amazon’s removal order process can be complex and costly for sellers. At Logistics Done Right, we specialize in handling Amazon removal orders efficiently, helping you minimize losses and optimize inventory management. Whether it’s stranded inventory, overstock merchandise, or unsellable items we can help.

Overstock inventory

Remove excess inventory to sell on other channels, save on storage fees, or forward back to your supplier.

Stranded inventory

Let us fix the problem. We can prep, repackage, change labels, or investigate issues.

“Unfulfillable” inventory

Use our return management services to identify and resell “unsellable” inventory.

Our Amazon Removal Order Services

We can assist with a wide range of issues with your FBA inventory. Contrary to popular belief, asking Amazon to dispose, liquidate, or refurbish your stuck inventory is often a waste. Amazon FBA removal orders can seem like an expensive gamble, but in many cases we can help you recover your losses.

Receipt and inspection

  • Secure, timely receipt of inventory directly from Amazon. We can accept pallets!
  • Detailed inspection to assess product condition and compliance with Amazon standards.

Redistribution and Disposal

  • Prep and send sellable units back to FBA
  • Fulfill orders directly from our warehouse through FBM, your own website, or other sales channels.
  • Collect and forward units back to your supplier.
  • Eco-friendly disposal of unsellable goods.

Real time reporting

  • Detailed reports on inventory status, include item conditions and processing outcomes.
  • Insights and recommendations to reduce future removals and improve inventory health.

Use Cases: why should I use amazon removal orders?

In short: you could be wasting thousands of dollars if you’re not creating removal orders from Amazon FBA.

Use case: inventory stranded at FBA because of labels or packaging

Amazon can become stranded at FBA for a variety of reasons, such as being mislabeled by your vendor or prep center. We have specialized technology that enables us to efficiently correct these issues so your inventory can be sent back to market.

Use case: you’re experiencing more than 10% “customer damaged” returns

If Amazon is grading more than 10% of your returns “customer damaged”, we can help you resolve what causes that. Most of the time, a bunch of small issues with your product packaging, labels, or even included instructions are the main cause. It’s very common for returned items to be in perfect working condition, but Amazon grades them “customer damaged” because essential components weren’t returned, the packaging was damaged beyond repair, or the customer didn’t understand how to properly use your product.

  1. Your Amazon removal orders ship to our warehouse
  2. We inspect each item to determine why it was deemed unsellable
  3. We provide you with a detailed report and recommendations on how to improve your product so fewer units will become damaged in the future.
  4. Units we can refurbish to New condition will be sent back into Amazon FBA, while your supplier works on correcting the problems for the next production run.

ITV News investigated Amazon’s UK disposal practices in 2021… you should watch this if you use FBA.

“Unsellable” inventory often has nothing wrong with it, or only very minor problems with the packaging. However, Amazon’s “unfilfillable reason” is an opaque barrier, blocking transparency into the real status of your inventory.

Case Study: Private Label Clothing

Case Study: one customer had 2433 “unsellable” leather jackets at FBA that were supposedly “customer damaged”. With our services, 79% of them could be graded and resold as New across 2023.

With an average retail price of $199, that accounts for over $380,000 in recovered losses compared to other solutions for Amazon removal orders.

Getting started

Simply reach out to us below and provide us a description of the products you sell. We will reach out to you with a detailed quote within 2 business days and a plan for getting started.

We can be up and running as your new returns solution in as little as 7 business days.

Frequently asked questions

Can I afford this?

Probably. Our services can recover more of your investment than other options in most cases. Compared to your other options you will likely make more money.

Is there a minimum volume?

No. However, we offer discounts for volume. We are happy to work with businesses of all sizes.

I’ve heard about Amazon’s Renewed program… can you help with that?

Yes, we can. We are qualified to be your refurbishment center of record. The Amazon Renewed program allows you to relist “certified refurbished” merchandise under exclusive ASINs to achieve better sell-through, and we can help you qualify.

My items aren’t returns. I need them repackaged or relabled. Can you help?

Yes we can. We operate our Amazon removal orders service and prep center under the same umbrella, so we are well equipped to handle your needs. Please contact us with details about your products, quantity, and what you will need us to correct.

Get Started Today — Speak to one of Amazon Removal Order Specialists

To expedite the process, please give some details about what you need removed from FBA, how soon, and the gist of what you need us to do with it.