returns are a headache

Unfulfillable merchandise collecting dust at Amazon FBA burns a hole in your pocket. Your returns have obtuse status messages like “defective” or “customer damaged”, and Amazon makes it so easy to just select “dispose”. We understand, nobody wants to mess with returns, so you bite the bullet and take the loss. All you can do is raise prices to compensate, right?

What if we told you there’s a better way?

Don’t eat the losses — There’s a better way

don't eat losses from returns

Returns are a growing problem for retailers, reaching as high as 40% return rates, and we all know Amazon’s return policies don’t help. Perfectly good items end up in land fills and liquidation lots due to inaccurate or even fraudulent return reasons.

Many sellers consider this a cost of doing business while others lose their shirt by not planning for it. Amazon’s receiving team seems to take customer return reasons at face value, and that’s how you end up with perfectly good items marked “defective”. That’s your profits going down the drain.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could inspect all the returns yourself? Imagine how much you could save by getting those products back to market.

Of course, that isn’t practical. You probably don’t have a warehouse staffed with subject matter experts and certified technicians, let alone the time to do that.

That’s where LDR comes in. Our Amazon Removal Order Service saves your money, time, and sanity.

Is the Amazon Removal Service for Me?

You probably already have a solution for your returns. Perhaps you’ve increased prices to compensate, partnered with a liquidator, or collect returns at a US warehouse before shipping back to your supplier. You may not realize how much more money you could recover, especially if you are selling high-value merchandise, private label products, or concerned about returns fraud.

High-value Merchandise

high value items

Are you selling high-ticket items through Amazon FBA? You may be surprised how often your inventory is showing up on warehouse deals or how much money 3rd party liquidators are making from your losses.

53% of customers return items because the product was “faulty of damaged when it arrived”. Amazon and other market places don’t try very hard to verify this, nor do they spend any time correcting problems. In our experience, less than 10% of returns are actually faulty or damaged. In many cases, the product is fine aside from minor problems with the packaging or a single defective component.

Private Label Merchandise

amazon private label

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing your product and brand. Hours and hours of your time and tons of stress later, you’ve hit on a winning product. It’s your baby, right?

Why are you disposing of your private label returns or shipping them back to your supplier? Why do that when we can refurbish and re-manufacture your items in North America, saving you time and shipping expenses. Returned private label items often need little more than repackaging and missing/faulty components replaced.

We take the time to intimately understand your products and give them the same level of care and attention you would. No product is too complex. We have a team of certified technicians across multiple disciplines from product design to electrical engineering.

We protect your investment.

Are you a victim of Fraud?

online returns fraud

You might be without even realizing it. Amazon FBA isn’t the greatest at detecting fraudulent returns, where the wrong item was sent back or even counterfeit items are returned. We put a stop to this. Your returns are expertly inspected upon receipt for any signs of fraudulent returns or counterfeit, and we provide you with all the information you need to file a claim with Amazon. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars through fraud claims and counterfeit detection.

14% of online returns are fraudulent, according to RL Magazine. When you work with a returns partner who isn’t equipped to deal with this problem you are a victim. Amazon’s receiving staff don’t open packages to ensure the contents are correct. Sure, if you sold a printer or a computer they may check if the package has one inside, but they aren’t great about making sure it’s the same one you sold. Too often, malicious buyers purchase a brand new item and return something else in the same package.

How it Works – Transform returns into cash in 4 easy steps


You Remove from FBA

Your removal order ships to us.

We can even schedule the whole process for you.


We Receive

We receive and check for fraud or damage.

Arrival pictures are included.


We Refurbish

We inspect and refurbish.

Replacement parts and packaging, repair defects and damage.


You Resell

You resell and reclaim value.

We can assist with relisting and FBA shipments.

You Remove from FBA
1: You Remove from FBA

Your unfullfillable merchandise ships from Amazon FBA to our warehouse.

You can schedule removal orders as needed, use automatic removals, or we can schedule removal orders on your behalf. We are able to accept small parcel deliveries as well as truck shipments.

We Receive and check for Damage or Fraud
2: We Receive and check for Damage or Fraud

We inspect for shipping damage or fraud at receipt. Our skilled team knows exactly what to look for, and provides you with the information you need to file a claim with Amazon in the event of damage or fraud.

Each delivery is photographed to document arrival condition and packing methods, including the packing slip, shipping label, and any other documents. We also apply a unique barcode to each item, allowing us to track exactly which shipment it arrived in if a problem is found at a later time. Product serial numbers can be recorded if needed.

We inspect and refurbish your returns
3: We inspect and refurbish your returns

We inspect and refurbish your returned merchandise according to your requirements. Our goal is to attain the best retail value possible. This includes testing all features and functions, repackaging, replacing missing components, and light repairs.

Defective units can be dismantled for spare parts, disposed of in environmentally sustainable ways, or forwarded back to your supplier or a liquidator of your choice.

You Resell
4: You Resell

Your refurbished items are resold, either through Amazon FBA or another marketplace of your choice. Unlike many reverse logistics solutions, you retain full ownership of your merchandise at all times.

We can assist with all aspects of the resale process, including relisting your products to Amazon with detailed condition notes, scheduling your FBA shipments, and any required prep or packaging. We can also warehouse your refurbished products and fulfill orders as they sell.


You breath a sigh of relief

You breath a sigh of relief because you made the right choice. Your investment is recovered, time is saved, and precious inventory is kept from landfills and liquidation markets. You’re contributing to a greener economy and a greener wallet.

Getting started

Simply reach out to us below and provide us a description of the products you sell. We will reach out to you with a detailed quote within 2 business days and a plan for getting started.

We can be up and running as your new returns solution in as little as 7 business days.

Frequently asked questions

Can I afford this?

Probably. Our services can recover more of your investment than other options in most cases. Compared to your other options you will likely make more money.

Is there a minimum volume?

No. However, we offer discounts for volume. We are happy to work with businesses of all sizes.

I’ve heard about Amazon’s Renewed program… can you help with that?

Yes, we can. We are qualified to be your refurbishment center of record. The Amazon Renewed program allows you to relist “certified refurbished” merchandise under exclusive ASINs to achieve better sell-through, and we can help you qualify.

My items aren’t returns. I need them repackaged or relabled. Can you help?

Yes we can. We operate our removal order service and prep center under the same umbrella, so we are well equipped to handle your needs. Please contact us with details about your products, quantity, and what you will need us to correct.

Save your time, money, and technology

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