Accelerate your supply chain

Your Midwestern US Hub

LDR empowers your business with best-in-class forwarding, postal injection, consolidation, and cross dock capabilities. Our same-day forwarding service forms the backbone of a lightning fast distribution network, offering 2-day shipping to 90% of North America and same-day local delivery within the Tri-state area.

Package Forwarding Tailored to Your Business.

Are shipping costs and times eating into your profits? LDR’s package forwarding service is specially tailored for small and medium online sellers, distributors, and wholesalers package forwarding and dropshipping needs.

Use our Cincinnati, OH warehouse as your distribution hub and overflow center. We can receive your freight or parcel shipments, store and forward them according to your needs.

We offer service for both domestic and international shipments, FBA removal orders, and imports needing postal injection.

  • Your own US address
  • Forwarding and cross docking
  • Postal injection and breakbulk
  • Same-day in and out available.
  • Same-day delivery within the Tri-state region


LDR can forward your packages, whether it’s a single UPS parcel or several pallets. No order is too small.

We offer flexible and affordable forwarding, consolidation, and package inspection services for all your inventory movement needs.

Customized services to fit your business needs are no problem!


Our cloud-based shipment and inventory tracking system provides you with clear, real-time information about your shipments. You can opt to receive daily reports or even immediate email notifications when your forwarded packages arrive or ship from our facility.

If you need up-to-the-minute notices about your shipments, LDR is for you.


LDR can offer same-day turnaround. Through our portal it’s even possible to pre-arrange a new destination for your packages before they even arrive at our facility.

As soon as the courier arrives we scan your packages.

Using your provided instructions, we immediately print the new label and ship the package back out. How’s that for speed?

Fast, affordable shipping

Cincinnati, Ohio is home to DHL’s American hub and Amazon’s USA Prime Air hub, making the region a great spot to ship from. The Hubs for FedEx and UPS are within two states from our location. This allows us to reach 90% of the US population within 2 days, often at no additional cost.

Competitive Pricing

Parcel forwardingvaries by volume

$5.00/parcel (20 or less per month)

$4.50/parcel (21 to 100 per month)

$4.00/parcel (100+ month)

Pallet forwarding$20 at receipt

$20 to ship out

Same-day service not available.
Postal injection$1 per contained parcel

$0.50 additional when parcels need re-taped or repackaged.

Container Load/UnloadBilled at $60 per man hour.

A typical container will be about $650, less if contents are on pallets.

Forwarding service includes receiving packages, checking into inventory, and shipping out again to a new destination. If you require detailed labeling or sorting please ask for a quote or check out our FBA Prep services.

Volume discounts are available.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.