Sample Inspection and Returns Analysis

We offer returns analysis and sample inspection in addition to returns processing and FBA Prep. Tackling the root cause for returns can be tricky, especially if you’re an FBA seller working with an overseas supplier. Consumers don’t always provide accurate return reasons, and Amazon FBA isn’t reliable at grading the condition of returns. Production runs don’t always match samples sent by suppliers, and manufacturing defects can remain undetected until bad reviews pile up. We can help.

Sample Inspection & Problem Identification

If you’re experiencing an unusually high volume of returns we can analyze your products to determine the true reason and offer corrective measures. Unusual volume of returns is often a combination of confusing product labeling or instructions, manufacturing defects, or unintentionally misleading listings. We will analyze a sample set of your product, uncover any issues we detect, and provide you with a full report and action plan to solve the problem.

Solutions We Provide

Instruction manual writing and corrections satisfy customers.
Defect reproduction and analysis
Defect reproduction and analysis tracks down manufacturing flaws.
Serialized barcoding services prevent fraud.
Rebranding and repackaging can turn a zero into a hero.

Product Manual Corrections

Many returns stem from confusing or misleading product manuals and instructions. In many cases a buyer will mistake a perfectly good item for a defective one simply because the included instructions don’t make sense. We offer product manual creation and re-writing by native English speakers with proven backgrounds in technical writing.

Defect Reproduction and Analysis

Is your product receiving bad reviews because of a problem your supplier is unable to reproduce? We can perform a detailed test and analysis of your products to determine the true defect rate and root cause.

Serialized Barcoding Services

Are you receiving more fraudulent or “wrong item” returns than expected? Our serialized barcoding technology may be a solution for you. We assign a unique serial number to your products which enables end-to-end tracking from pre-sale through post-sale of your items.

Rebranding and Repackaging

Sometimes your product packaging or branding needs switched up. Cincinnati is home to several of the top marketing and branding agencies in North America. We can assist you in updating the branding or packaging materials for your items to obtain better sales or recover from negative reviews.