Finding an amazon removal order by tracking number seems to be a mystery for people. It wasn’t until last week I stumbled upon how to do it. One thing’s for sure, Amazon doesn’t make it very obvious. Over the last three years dozens of sellers have told me they don’t know how to do it.

Whether you operate a warehouse like I do or sell on FBA from home it’s kind of important to know when shipments will arrive. Here I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Amazon put it in an odd spot

You’ll find this, and many other things, under the Reports section of Seller Central. To get there, go to the Reports drop-down and click Fulfillment inside Seller Central.

Reports about removal orders are under Fulfillment… intuitive, right?

This takes you to a page with a bunch of different reports about your Amazon seller account. Many of them are useful, and I feel like a lot of people don’t harness the power of these reports. That’s something for another blog post though.

Removal Shipment Details

They put it all the way at the bottom, on the left side.

The report you’ll need is called Removal Shipment Details. Amazon wisely chose to hide it all the way at the bottom left of the page.

This report lists all removal order shipments, including order ids, tracking numbers, and the dates of removal. It even includes what SKUs are in each package and the item’s disposition.

This report can help a lot if you have a bunch of packages which might include different things or you need to sort them somehow. It can also be useful track what’s being shipped to you, since Amazon releases this report as soon as they ship the removal to you.

A novel use case: no packing slip

How many times have you gotten a removal order that’s damaged or contains the wrong items, but Amazon left out the packing slip? You try to file a claim with them and they insist they need a picture of this paper.

Well, guess what? This report can work as well. After all, it’s Amazon’s own statement about what should be in the package.

Hopefully this information will make dealing with your removal orders just a little less frustrating. Happy selling!

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