jeff bezos testifies before congress
Jeff Bezos testimony


  • Two state AGs and the FTC are investigating Amazon’s use of 3rd party seller data.
  • Jeff Bezos testified before the House last week.
  • In April, the WSJ interviewed Amazon employees who said Amazon uses collected data to launch competing products.

Prosecutors will investigate Amazon for misuse of 3rd party sales data.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported the New York and California prosecutors offices will conduct a joint investigation with the FTC into claims Amazon uses 3rd party seller data to launch competing products.

Speculation about Amazon’s use of 3rd party data have circulated among online sellers for years. Since April the rumors have gained more credibility.

The Wall Street Journal released a report in April after interviewing several Amazon employees. The report claims several top executives had access to 3rd party seller data.

Last week, before Congress, Jeff Bezos claimed Amazon has a policy against using 3rd party sales information, but couldn’t guarantee the policy has never been broken.

Jeff Bezos testimony begins at 1h 50 minutes.

What did Jeff Bezos say?

Amazon has a policy to protect seller data, but he can’t give clear details on how it’s enforced. He goes on to confirm Amazon does use aggregate sales data. The question remains: does Amazon allow this when only a few sellers are on the listing? There seem to be unconfirmed reports Amazon may do so.

Has Amazon used your sales data against you?

Do you think Amazon has used your sales data to force you out of the market or steal the buy box? We’d like to hear about your story. Please contact us and tell us what happened.

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