Additional Account Services

We know sometimes you need a little extra help to win the day, and we’re happy to assist. Here you will find pricing for extra services not covered in your regular service agreement.

General Warehouse Labor

Extra Pictures

Extra pictures and videos help understand the condition of your inventory.

$5 per set of four pictures.

$5/minute for video.

Capture Serial Number

$2.00 during checkin, refurb, or fulfillment.

$5.00 if requested for inventory already in storage.

Call Tag / Will Call

$5.00 with advance notice and proper paperwork.

What is Call Tag / Will Call?

Cancel / Restock Shipment

Same as pick/pack.

If pick/pack isn’t included in your service plan, the pricing is $2.59 per carton, plus $0.59 for each additional item.

Applies when placing inventory back into storage, such as canceled shipments.

Dispose Inventory

Same as pick/pack.

If pick/pack isn’t included in your service plan, the pricing is $2.59 per carton, plus $0.59 for each additional item.

Additional charges may apply on a case-by-case basis for inventory that is hazardous, must be destroyed or recycled.

Repack / Consolidate

$2.00 for standard size.

$5.00 for large.

Repacking may be necessary for inventory which can’t be safely shipped in it’s own container, a poly mailer, or a recycled carton.

Other general labor projects are billed at $60/hour.

Account Management Services

FBA Shipment

$15.00 per shipping plan.

Includes handling all Seller Central workflow and synchronizing our web portal with your Seller Central account.

Import Removal Order

$15.00 per order.

Includes importing the removal order from Seller Central into our web portal on your behalf.

Import Shipments or Catalogue

Starts at $15.00.

Includes importing shipment or inventory data from your spreadsheet or EDI output into our web portal.

Claims Assistance

Starts at $15.00.

Includes assisting with various inventory or shipping claims, such as RMAs, calling carriers or vendors, investigating misrouted shipments, etc.

Other account management services are billed at $60/hour in 15-minute increments.

Professional and Technical Services

Custom software integrations

Starts at $275

Tailor-made integrations with the tools and systems that drive your business.

Repairs and defects analysis

Starts at $125/hour.

Repair your high-end items or request a deep analysis into failure states to assist with product improvements.

Ask About Additional Service Packages

If you’ll be needing any of these services on a regular basis, ask your sales rep about an Additional Service Package. Our Additional Service Packages are tailored for your business needs, and enable us to provide discounts for customers who frequently need the same combinations of additional services.