Do you have an inventory barcoding system?

Yes! Our inventory barcoding system tracks every touch on your products, including which employee touched your products, when, and why. Each time your products are handled in any way our proprietary system logs the time, place, employee, and reason.

What happens if my package is damaged?

We photograph all packages received and you will receive notice within 24 hours of check-in. We can inspect and refurbish damaged goods, or store them for up to 90 days while you file a damage or warranty claim.

What happens if I send shipments without notifying LDR?

If you think this might be a problem, please let us know. We will give you special instructions for how to address your packages so you don’t need to give us any advance notice about shipments unless your volume significantly increases.

What is LDR’s processing time?

We prioritize customers who notify us about incoming shipments. We can notify you about package receipt within 24 hours, but it is often within 3 hours. Complete checkin and inventory barcoding may take up to 72 hours, but is usually same-day.

For the best processing times we recommend:

  • Make sure your packages are addressed correctly, with your account number and service designation code clearly printed on the shipping label.
  • Integrate with our API or give us access to your vendors so we can save your time.

Do you offer API integration?

Yes. We provide a full API you can integrate with yourself, or we can create custom API integrations based on your needs. Every aspect of our service can be accessed and automated through our API, except for billing. We need humans to write checks. Our proprietary software is developed in-house and our development team is ready to meet your automation needs.

My business is booming and I just sent you a whole container. Can you handle that?

Please let us know as soon as you’re able. We want to help you grow. We need about 14 days to scale up for significant changes in volume.