FBA Prep frequently asked questions

FBA Prep FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an FBA Prep Center in Ohio? You have questions and we’ve got answers.

What is your pricing structure?

You can check our latest published rates here. Generally speaking, we will send you a billing statement every Friday, and payment is expected on Net 15 terms. We accept multiple popular forms of payment.

Is there an account opening fee?

Yes, depending on any build-out or planning needed to start your project. We offer discounts or waivers sometimes. For simple projects that fit into our existing process, you can often expect the fee to be waived.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, Paypal, ACH, and check. Credit card payments through our web portal are instantaneous. Other forms of payment can take a few days to clear our bank.

What is the minimum delivery quantity?

We don’t generally process FBA prep shipments containing fewer than 50 items. Special exceptions can be made for unique situations.

Is there a minimum quantity for a single SKU?

No, but there is an extra charge if there are fewer than 25 units of a single SKU. At the time of writing, the charge is $5.00 per SKU. You can check current prices here.

If I want to confirm whether goods are defective, can you take pictures?

Yes. Our standard FBA prep service offering includes taking basic pictures of discrepancies or problems we detect. You will receive a picture of what we received, showing shipping labels, packing slips, and visible damage or problems with the carton or contents. Detailed pictures involving opening individual products may be an extra charge.

Do you offer free storage?

Yes, when we have the capacity. During the off season we offer free storage for the first 30 days after products arrive to our warehouse. During times of peak demand we do not offer any storage without prior arrangement, and the cost and terms change based on demand.

To help plan for that, we offer discounted dedicated storage which allows you to purchase a fixed amount of dedicated storage space in advance.

Can you receive pallets or containers?

Yes, our facilities are equipped with standard height loading docks and forklifts. Sending FTL or FCL shipments requires making advance notice and an appointment to ensure predictable unloading times.

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