Getting the Most out of LDR’s Innovate FBA Prep Services

For the best level of service and speed, we ask our FBA Prep customers to follow the guidelines outlined within this page.

1. Purchase Orders and Deliveries Must Be Identifiable

Once you register with our service we’ll provide you with an Account Number. We ask this account number be used as part of the address line on all deliveries to our warehouse. This is how we distinguish your packages from other customers.

2. Make sure your purchase orders are set up in our Web Portal

Our proprietary web portal enables you to track every step of your prep process, from the moment a package is delivered all the way through leaving for FBA. We ask you to set up your inbound shipments inside our portal so we can quickly and efficiently process them once they arrive. During your account setup process we will explain how to do this. Our system supports recurring purchase orders from your vendors as well as one-off or test shipments. For recurring purchase orders you will only need to configure them once inside our web portal.

3. Avoid visually similar items packed in the same shipment

Please avoid sending us visually similar items inside the same shipment unless they have a distinct barcode we can use to sort the items.

4. Shipping LTL or FTL to LDR

If you will be shipping your products to us using LTL or full trailer loads please schedule with us ahead of time. This enables us to ensure we can allocate space and resources in advance to process your shipment in a timely manner.