Transform returns into profits

Our returns processing and asset recovery services transform losses into profits. Refurbish returned goods for a second chance to profit. returns management ROI

Our certified technicians can fully test, inspect, and refurbish your items.

Returns are a fact of doing business but they don’t have to plague your bottom line. LDR offers a full suite of returns processing services for your online business, ranging from simple collection and forwarding to full product testing and refurbishment.

Reduce Costs and Reclaim LossesReturns rates in retail and ecommerce

Many online retailers find processing and restocking returns can cost three times as much as making the initial sale. Everything from shipping expenses, inspection costs, to repackaging quickly adds up. LDR offers a suite of innovative solutions to this problem.


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Returns Processing and Refurbishment

Our flagship refurbishment offering can net as much as 67% higher ROI on returned items, especially in the “high-dollar” merchandise category.

Our team of certified technicians will fully test and inspect your returned items according to your requirements, replace missing components and packing material, and ship the items back to market.

You maintain full ownership of your inventory and we provide full transparency into the entire process. If you’re spending more than $50k per year processing your own returns, our solution may be right for you.

How it works


Returns are photographed as they arrive at our facility.


Certified technician

Certified technicians fully inspect, test, and refurbish according to your guidelines.

You relist and resell your reconditioned merchandise.


Returns Processing Pricing

Inspection and refurbishment pricing is based on the complexity of your product and the average time it takes to follow your checklist.

Common Goods$1 / minuteProducts the average person would understand how to use.

Items such as home goods, apparel, simple electronics.

Hobbyist and Niche Goods$2 / minuteProducts a hobbyist, enthusiast, or niche market would understand how to use.

Items such game consoles, laptops, musical instruments, most consumer electronics, digital cameras, smart TVs, etc.

Industrial and Professional Equipment$3 / minuteProducts which require special training or certification for proper use.

Items such as commercial-grade network and IT equipment, lab equipment, custom inventions, 3D printers, etc.

Liquidation, Consignment, and Disposal

LDR also offers liquidation, consignment, and environmentally friendly disposal of goods. We have access to several local consignment channels, including retail floor space specializing in returned products, flea markets, and bulk liquidation partnerships.

Store and Forward Returns

Our store and forward service provides you with a US address to ship your returns, where we will collect and consolidate them before shipping in bulk to a destination of your choice.

This service is great for unintentional returns as well as collecting returns to be sent back to your supplier or factory. Our proximity to the CVG international air hub and coast-to-coast rail lines can lead to significant savings on shipping costs.

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