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We’re a unique place to work that prizes innovation, clear communications, and problem solving. This is a place you can learn to shine and grow, no matter where you’re coming from.

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We’re a pretty different work place, and you should read this page to understand before applying.

Compensation, perks, and benefits

What do we do? Well, the whole supply chain is mad…

Sometimes it looks like this 🙂

Back up a second, and think about this: the whole supply chain is mad. The delivery driver is mad. The customer is mad. You’re mad. Everyone from the warehouse over to the trucking company or the retail floor is mad.  We don’t think it needs to be like that, and the solution starts with motivated people.

Our main focus is about reducing supply chain waste

It starts with people and processes. Supply chain waste (in all it’s forms) is a larger problem than most people realize, and it effects everyone. It is the reason a t-shirt that costs $2.00 to produce must sell for $25.00, and distribution workers have to work 10 hour shifts at neck breaking speeds without breaks. It is the reason our land fills are overflowing, our climate is changing, and the grocery store is sold out of the things you need.

We’re starting with ecommerce

Most of our customers are companies who sell on and have very wasteful supply chains. Our company reduces their waste in multiple ways by preventing unnecessary returns, stopping returns from going into landfills, and providing our customers a more clear picture into the logistics of their operations.

We are not a “fulfillment center” or anything like that, although we do ship some orders to consumers.

We’re taking a holistic approach. Yes, we do “warehouse services”, but we are also a technology and solutions provider. We develop lasting solutions and services that solve some of the toughest supply chain problems around. Our solution starts with how we select and treat our team members.

What positions are available?

Only one. Everybody starts in the warehouse as a floater, no matter what their background or experience is. Most are promoted quickly, sometimes within a month. Promotions are based on demonstrated problem solving ability and a solution-oriented mentality. We do this to make sure everyone is on the same page, and truly understands what we’re working on.

That also weeds out people who are too aloof to do “grunt” work like stacking boxes or unloading a truck. We are a meritocracy, and if you prove you’ve got a drive to succeed, you’ll advance quickly.

Wait, so what if I want to apply for customer service or something?

You are welcome to do that. We are just letting you know that no matter what you apply for, you will start work as a basic warehouse associate. We have to do that because our processes are highly proprietary, and unless you’ve been directly exposed you won’t be qualified to do much else with us.

It works like this for most people:

  1. They apply for something like “customer service”, but they start work in the warehouse learning the basic work and flow.
  2. As they demonstrate mastery of the basic tasks, part of their day becomes “customer service”.
  3. Over time, they phase more into “customer service” until it’s the main thing they do all day.

If there is a compelling reason we should let you skip this process, please let us know in your cover letter. We’ve never made an exception, but we’re open minded.

This flowchart explains how promotions work

Compensation, Benefits, and Perks

We empower our team to grow with us, so we offer some benefits and perks you won’t find elsewhere.

Fair Wages (starting at $15/hour)

All new hires (except for short term project-work) start at $15/hour.

Raises are usually in $1.00 increments, and are tied to advancing beyond the initial “floater” position.

Profit Sharing

We set aside 20% of our profits and distribute them to our team members. This starts on your first full month with us. The amount you earn is based on seniority and level of responsibility.

24 Days PTO with Mandatory Vacation

We offer 24 PTO days per year, which accrue at 2 days per month for full-time folks. You can begin using them after your first 90 days without any disciplinary issues. Once per year, each person is required to take 5 days off in a row. Yes… you can actually be written up for not taking a vacation.

Fully stocked break room and kitchen

You basically get free breakfast and lunch. Our break room is fully stocked beyond your wildest imagination.

You have to see to believe it. We provide an air fryer, InstantPot, and appliances, as well as plenty of foods and ingredients.

Weekly Pay and Consistent Hours

Pay issues weekly on Wednesdays, so the money clears your bank before the weekend.

Most staff work 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We offer flexible hours and overtime (if desired) after you’ve proven yourself.

Background forgiveness

We take a harm reduction stance. We accept reformed criminals and other people with background issues or gaps in employment as long as you’re upfront, honest, and committed to making a difference. This is a great place for someone who wants to make a new start at life.

Learning opportunities and advancement

Let’s put it like this: in 2019 we hired a guy to stack and pack boxes. He now works with us as a software engineer, building custom systems that run entire production lines.

For the right personality, this is a place to accelerate your life and learning.

Seriously, what positions are available?

Have a second look at the flow chart above. That should give you a pretty good idea.

Electronics enthusiasts

We process a lot of consumer electronics ranging from network equipment, computer parts, game consoles, etc. We need people familiar (or deeply interested) in these kinds of products to help with inspecting and refurbishing them. The actual work does not require a deep technical understanding. You just need attention to detail, and know enough about the products to use them. If you can hook up the Xbox, set up the family wifi, or upgrade your gaming PC… we’re looking for you 🙂

Depot technician (part time)

We have a part-time need for a depot technician, that is a person who does repairs and diagnostics on returned electronic products.

This should be someone familiar with basic soldering, (dis)assembly of computers and similar electronics, and activities like upgrading firmware on devices. We have this kind of work on a regular basis, but not enough to employ someone full time. We can offer on-the-job training for anyone who wants to learn this skillset.

eBay and Marketplace Sellers

We need a person who is pretty familiar with eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This could be somebody with a hobby-level of interest in selling on eBay who wants to learn more about it. You’d be working with the people in our Liquidation Services division to help move product.

Customer Service and Success

Since we opened we never had a formal customer service department. Emails and calls were just handled by whoever had a chance to do it. We’ve outgrown that, and now we’re building out an actual department around it. We’re looking for people who can help with that, especially people who’ve worked in B2B customer service before.

Our customers are mostly international, so being multi-lingual is a huge plus. Must have strong written communication and organizational skills.

Software Developers

We could use a few extra developers. We build a lot of in-house software, as well as things for customers. It’s wide-ranging.

We have a particular interest in developers who can help with any of the following:

  1. LAMP stack for internal and external tools and web apps.
  2. Android for internal systems (working on apps that integrate with our other infrastructure).
  3. Embedded system development (Raspberry PI, Arduino, and similar) for production line control devices and various automation systems.
  4. Building software that automates performing diagnostic tests, firmware updates, and similar on a wide range of consumer electronics.

Must be work-functional with Git or willing to learn. We are primarily a Linux shop, so be aware of that.

Marketing and social media

We could use somebody to help with our marketing and generating social media content.

Company Values

We are radically solution-oriented

This is the kind of place where everyone is very open and honest about mistakes and failures. We fail as a group. When something goes wrong we talk about what happened and how we can either prevent it in the future or make it less serious. That can throw people for a loop who aren’t used to it… you’ve got to be comfortable talking about mistakes objectively.

Say for instance, a shipment went out to the wrong address, and you were the one who packed it. Most places would write you up. We handle it a lot differently. Instead, you are expected to brain storm solutions with your team to make future mistakes less likely or less serious.

We innovate constantly

The nature of our business and problems we solve means things are constantly changing and evolving. If you like set routines and processes that stay the same for years, you might have trouble here. We are always questioning how to make things better and experimenting constantly.

Mostly, it’s because we’re constantly learning new things our customers need. A project that started as “receive these boxes and mail them to China” can quickly evolve into “okay, we are now the North American warranty center for this brand, so we’d better break out the soldering irons.”

Initiative is paramount

We empower our workforce to a degree some find jarring. After you’ve learned our basic processes and frameworks, we’ll expect you to take initiative about a lot of things. In fact, that is how we decide about promotions. At the same time, saying “no, I don’t want to do that” or “no, I think that’s a bad idea” is highly encouraged. This confuses people from more traditional jobs where a boss tells you what to do, and that’s it: you either do it or you’re in trouble.

Here, you’ll be shown a set of basic processes where you’re able to come in every day and start your work fairly independently. Most of the time, you won’t need a supervisor to tell you what to do, unless you need help or have a question. However, if you do that you may notice your job is secure, but you advance very slowly.

Once you’ve learned the basics of our workplace, you will be exposed to our central “issues list”. It’s a list of unhandled matters we’d like somebody to take care of, and it’s highly voluntary. If somebody is suggesting you try something on that list, they are directing you towards a promotion. You can say “no” if you feel like you aren’t ready. Likewise, that list is there for a reason. If you see something on it you can tackle, taking initiative and solving it will lead to quick advancement.

We really like specific language

You will probably find we use what sounds like our own language. We have a lot of terms and jargon to make communications more clear, but until you learn it you might find it hard to communicate with more senior staff. For instance, we don’t “put away packages”, we “STOW” them… which means putting them away in a specific fashion.

We’re diverse – biases and judging are not tolerated

You’ll find your coworkers are incredibly diverse in ways you may not expect, and come from all walks of life. If you’re an intolerant person or enjoy bringing drama to work, you won’t fit well.