LDR can manage FBA removal orders and new shipments when you use our removal order service or FBA prep services. Follow this brief guide to set up your Seller Central and grant LDR access.

Grant Seller Central Access

You will need to grant LDR a few user permissions under your Seller Central account. You will need to grant LDR different permissions depending on which of our services you use.

To begin, you will need to add LDR as a user under your Seller Central account, and then grant certain permissions depending on the services you would like us to perform.

Navigate to User Permissions in Seller Central

You can find this by hovering over Settings in the top-right corner of Seller Central, and then clicking User Permissions.

You can also click this direct link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/account-manager/home.html/ref=xx_userperms_dnav_xx

Add LDR as a user inside Seller Central

Once you’ve navigated to the User Permissions page add us as a user as shown in the picture below.

Add contact@ldrprep.com to your Seller Central

Please allow us 24 hours to accept the invitation.

Grant Permissions

Once you have added LDR as a user for your Seller Central, you will need to grant us certain permissions. To do this, you first go to the User Permissions section on Seller Central and click the Manage Permissions button next to LDR.

Once you are on the permissions page, click the boxes as shown in these images:

manage fba shipments
These permissions allow us to schedule and manage your shipments to Amazon FBA

manage fba permissions for removal orders
Allow us to import and schedule removal orders

Fulfillment reports allow us to match the tracking numbers of removal orders

Once you’ve done this LDR will be able to manage new shipments into FBA via our FBA prep service, seamlessly schedule and import your removal orders, and relist refurbished products on your behalf.

Do I need to grant all these permissions?

No, it depends on which of our services you’re using and your volume. This section will explain which permissions we need and how we use them.

PermissionHow we use it
Manage FBA Inventory/ShipmentsAllows us to handle all aspects of shipping inventory from our warehouse into FBA.
Manage Inventory/Add a productIf you are using our refurbishment services you may have a product you already sell in many different conditions. This permissions enables us to list the products on your behalf with detailed condition comments.
Manage OrdersWe need this permission to view the status of shipments between our warehouse and amazon. We also use this to schedule removal orders to our warehouse.
Manage ReturnsEnables us to track FBM returns being sent to our warehouse.
Fulfillment ReportsWe can use this to match the tracking number on packages to the matching removal order and expected contents.

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