FBA Import Tool is Down – Amazon’s UI Change is Awesome

Amazon’s recent UI changes seem to have broken our removal import tool. We’re investigating a fix.

In the mean time, there are some other options to get your removal orders into our system. We’ll cover them here.

We can do it for you

Before we get into the details… we can do this on your behalf if you’ve given us seller central access. Just make sure you’ve given us the proper permissions, and then let us know you need it. It’s a good idea to email us at contact@ldrprep.com to let us know you need orders imported regularly. We typically do imports twice a month for customers who need that.

It is also fine to send us a spreadsheet using this template, and then we can import the orders for you.


DIY: Import as a Spreadsheet

You can also do it yourself with these instructions below. This method imports all of your removals across a range of dates all at once.

There is one caveat: this method only tells us the SKU and FNSKU for the products, and does not include the ASIN. Our software automatically reconciles that for products you’ve sent us before. For products you’ve never sent us, this means our system will not automatically populate with product titles, pictures, or dimensions.

If you need to do this for products you’ve never sent us before, please contact customer service at contact@ldrprep.com so we can walk you through the additional steps to import your product catalogue into our system.

1. Download your Removal Order Detail Report in Seller Central As Show Below. It must be in “Text Format”

In Seller Central, navigate to your Fulfillment Reports as shown.


Scroll down to Removal Order Detail on the left side.


Select the “Download” option and set a range of dates. Then press Request .txt Download.

It may take a few moments for Amazon to process your request. Once they finish, download the file and go to our website (https://app.ldrprep.com).

2. (Optional) Edit the file if you need to remove orders from it

If you have removal orders you don’t want to send us, you can edit this file inside Notepad. Simply delete the lines that refer to the removal order(s) you are not sending to us.

For the Excel  and spreadsheet gurus out there, a simple filter should do this.

3. Upload the file to our website to import all the removal orders

On our website, go through these steps as shown.



Upload the Removal Order Detail .txt File and click “Import Removals”

This will import all of the removals orders from the date range you selected in Seller Central. Don’t worry: if the order was already imported before, it won’t hurt anything.

Check the Results

You’ll get this confirmation screen listing the orders that were imported. In the example below, you can see those orders have already been imported.


Sorry about the headache

We somewhat expected Amazon’s UI updates might break our existing import tool… but we knew until Amazon made the changes, we wouldn’t be able to fix it. The method this page explains was our proactive solution in case that happened.

We’ve found some customers actually prefer this method. Please let us know if it works for you, and if it needs to be adjusted.

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