Shopify and Stripe Discounts

Are you considering starting an online store with Shopify or Woocommerce in 2020? You can save a lot of money with FoundersCard.

FoundersCard is a paid membership which gives entrepreneurs access to a lot of useful discounts. Many of them are incredibly useful for an online business, and right now they’re offering 20% off your first year of Shopify and free payment processing for your first $20k in Stripe transactions.

I signed up for it when we started LDR and it paid for itself in less than a month. Not to mention, if you’re new to ecommerce it has some built-in drop shipping and arbitrage advantages to help you get started.

The first five people to follow this link will receive a 3-month free trial with access to all the benefits.

If you’re late to the party and the 5 seats are already taken, use this one:

This is not a paid endorsement, but I do get some kind of reward points when you sign up. FoundersCard legitimately helped us get LDR off the ground, and I want to make other founders aware of it.

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