The coronavirus situation is… fun. Really, it’s very chaotic and nobody really seems to know what to do. There’s a general panic at grocery stores. The Ohio state government has passed restrictions on large public gatherings, closed schools, and is considering closing restaurants and other public places. The federal government is also passing various restrictions which may further complicate the situation. If they choose to follow suit with what some other countries are doing we could see forced business closures or restrictions on travel. Infections have been reported in our area, and we’re as yet unsure how this will affect our operations.

At this time, we intend to continue operating to the best of our ability. We are taking extra precautions to protect our staff and keep the supply chain running. However, it is an evolving situation and we choose to be upfront and transparent about it. This may affect our services in a few important ways.

  • We’re having trouble sourcing the cleaning supplies we use for refurbishing returned products. There may be significant delays for some types of refurbishment. We are well-stocked on personal cleaning supplies, and have increased the frequency of cleaning “high touch” areas in our facility. It’s possible other supplies will be affected depending on how the situation unfolds.
  • We are operating with a minimal crew and asking anyone feeling sick to stay home on paid leave. This could impact our lead times around shipping and receiving depending on how the situation unfolds. While we strive to keep everything on schedule, certain types of special requests may have to be triaged to ensure regular objectives are completed on time.
  • We are not allowing non-employees in the building for any reason, and we are practicing a no-touch policy with delivery drivers. This means we are not signing for packages if we must touch the carrier’s handheld computer. So far, the carriers have been understanding and have signed on our behalf when we’ve asked.

We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds. This is a confusing and chaotic situation, and we hope everyone is staying safe and sane. Please reach out if you have any questions. Also let us know how you are dealing with this and how it is affecting your business.

Best regards,

Jason Thistlethwaite, CEO Logistics Done Right

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