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Warehouse capacity 2021 and Peak

Please help us plan our warehouse capacity through peak and 2021.

We doubled our warehouse space in October, and may need to do so again in the very near future. We’re looking at Q2 at the latest. Thanks for growing with us!

In the meantime, we need your help with planning our capacity to ensure we have enough space and resources to support your growth.

We’d like help with two things, when you have time.

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Plans for 2021

First of all, can you give us some idea what your growth plans look like for 2021 and how we might be able to help?

We’re trying to anticipate how much space we need, staffing, and equipment. Any details you can provide will help a lot.

Trouble scheduling anticipated shipments?

Second, can you please let us know if you’re having any trouble scheduling your anticipated shipments with us in advance?

We’ve had a few key problems happening lately that are contributing to delays and increased overhead costs. Any insight you can provide about them will help prevent us from refusing shipments or increasing our rates.

Key issues happening lately:

  • Large increases in volume without enough notice. In some cases, we’re seeing volume more than triple for some customers but we’re not being told about it until after it happens. That’s created a lot of delays and other problems we could avoid with advance notice.
  • Prep shipments or FBA removal orders from customers who don’t usually send them to us, often without the proper address or labeling on the package. When we receive these we often have no idea who sent them or why. It’s extra confusing since many of you sell in the same product categories.

Please let us know what your plans are for the duration of peak and into the first half of 2021 so we can accommodate your needs.
We’re currently shopping for our third warehouse, and your input will help a lot with that. In the meantime, any advance communication you can provide about nearterm changes will help us keep our rates in place and shipments flowing smoothly.

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