Do you want fast, reliable FBA Prep you can count on year-round?

Working with an FBA prep center can be a frustrating and confusing process. Would you agree the concept of unknown people, half-way around the globe, handling your livelihood keeps you up at night? Nothing is more frustrating than watching the Buy Box slip away because your FBA prep center has some delay. You watch as sales drop and competition takes over, while dread and rage build inside of you. No matter how many emails you send, nothing seems to move forward.

Delegation is key to growth, but who can you trust? Owning a business of any kind is hard enough work, and e-commerce is only becoming more competitive. We believe in small business, and seek to empower small business owners to succeed in this arena. E-commerce is the future, and we want to see it empower the many, rather than huge corporations.

We’ve taken a hard look into why third-party logistics companies fail to meet your demands. It turns out, the answer is they need to work smarter, not harder. Even at the cutting edge, the logistics industry is showing its age. Antiquated processes and strategies don’t align with the needs of modern e-commerce businesses, and drive 3PLs to constantly over-promise and under-deliver. Most warehouses are staffed with underpaid people, pushed to perform at unreasonable rates under harsh conditions. It’s no wonder orders are delayed, shipments go missing or get sent to the wrong place. The people performing the work are not engaged, and the customer is just as faceless to them as they are to you.

LDR is different. We are the iPhone of third-party logistics.

We start with you, the customer. Your company logo is on the wall every employee passes as they enter the building. They understand they work for you. We put them in your shoes by issuing every employee stock in the company and full access to our financials. Every single person at LDR is also a small business owner, just like you.

We have observed rigid hierarchies can create unnecessary delays and hide mistakes. For this reason, LDR is a flat organization. Decisions are made by consensus, oriented around the best way to serve your needs.

Much of the technology used in the logistics industry can be equated to a square peg and round hole. LDR has in-house technology designed to enhance our workforce and your experience with us, and it is continuously evolving. Rather than replacing employees with robots, we build automation which empowers the men and women handling your products. Amazon’s employees are sprinting to hit pick rates and dropping from heat exhaustion. Some even wear adult diapers to avoid bathroom breaks affecting their rates. We can achieve higher pick rates and lower error rates than even Amazon by equipping our employees with tools for success.

LDR is a new kind of 3PL, and we want to be your partner in success.

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