LDR accepted to DigitalOcean Hatch
We applied and got accepted in under 24 hours!

We’re excited to announce LDR has been accepted into Hatch. Hatch has granted us $10,000 to help us scale out some much needed infrastructure to meet our customer’s demands.

Our customers can expect improvements to our website and technology, including some new integrations and even software. We’ve got big plans for 2020, and we’re grateful our customers are taking this leap with us.

In the coming year our customers can expect integrations with the major online market places and software they use every day. We also plan to launch a few new products to assist sellers and even competing prep centers (details coming soon).

It’s been a long road

It’s been a tough 8 months since we opened the doors, and this seems like a good time to reflect.

In February LDR was pretty much an empty warehouse. We weren’t sure if this idea would work, and our projections were honestly kind of dim. At that time we were just forwarding packages. Our co-founders took turns waiting on deliveries in the morning and shipping out each afternoon. Our equipment consisted of a folding table and chair, an old computer, and a Zebra printer.

Since then we’ve brought on 3 amazing full time team members, got our cloud system online and functional, and doubled the size of our warehouse. What started so small and inoperable is starting to look promising. 8 months ago 30 FedEx packages was a huge deal, and now we’re getting as many as 5 truck loads in a day.

We have our loyal customers to thank for our success. We had the idea of turning the 3PL industry on it’s head, and our love goes out to you all for believing in us!

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