Ohio issues “stay at home” order — how we’re responding

We hope all is well and everyone is staying healthy and safe!

Ohio has issued a “stay at home” order, which orders most businesses to close and most people to stay in their homes except for non-essential activities. Read on to learn how we are responding.

We’re protecting our employees

We have initiated hazard pay for all employees who decide to come to work, and are enforcing social distancing. Our workforce is also being divided between two shifts: 9am-5pm and 5pm-1am, which should reduce the risk of exposure without significantly impacting our capacity. However we expect some non-core services will experience delays as we adapt to this evolving situation.

We will remain open — the order classifies us as an essential service

Ohio has made a new executive “stay at home” order, ordering most businesses to close and people to remain at home through April 6. The order excludes essential services, allowing us to remain open. We believe the impact on our business should be minimal, but that could change. This morning the Surgeon General announced that stricter measures may have to be enforced, as many people are ignoring the precautions. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Discounts on prep for essential supplies

Amazon has prioritized intake of 6 “essential” categories, including baby, health, personal care, grocery, industrial and pet supplies. LDR is offering discounted prep and forwarding services for these products, up to a 20% discount, so if you are able to source them please contact us.

We are expanding our fulfillment capabilities for impacted Amazon sellers

We are in the process of expanding our fulfillment capabilities if the need is there. Especially if Amazon decides to make this a longer lasting restriction. Please contact us for pricing and availability, we feel our rates are highly competitive.

Thanks, stay safe and healthy!

The LDR Team

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