LDR now offering fulfillment services

We are proud to announce we are rolling out fulfillment services to our customers. Many of you have asked about this, and we’re finally making it happen. Coming soon we will offer integrations with eBay, Amazon FBM, Shopify, Woocommerce, and others marketplaces.

We will be launching this in a phased release. It will be available to existing customers first and foremost, as we adjust exactly how our customers need this to work. The integration is currently in testing branch, and seems to be working properly.

Limited Early Access

Please understand, we have limited space and we must limit this service to existing customers to begin with. Not everyone will be able to participate right away. If you are interested please reserve your slot by contacting Jason (jason@ldrprep.com). We will need to work together planning your inventory and space allocation for the best results.

You will need a ShipStation account for this to work. If you already have one, you’ll just need to input your API keys into our website and click a few buttons to get up and running. The user dashboard module for setting this up will appear in your LDR dashboard next week. If you’re already using another fulfillment center, you may have to adjust a few settings in ShipStation, which we’ll be happy to guide you through.

Discount Shipping Rates

At launch this integration will not use LDR’s discount shipping rates automatically. You will need to configure your own shipping accounts inside of ShipStation. We will be adding our own rates as an optional feature based on demand. For those of you familiar with ShipStation, this means shipments using our rates will appear as “External Shipments”.

What marketplaces can LDR fulfill?

At this time we are focusing on Amazon FBM, Shopify, and Woocommerce. Last week, Amazon announced a temporary halt on non-essential goods into FBA until April 5th. This has pushed out to accelerate our fulfillment plans for 2020, starting with the customers most affected by Amazon’s policy change. Moving forward, we aim to support all the marketplaces offered by ShipStation as well as some more specialized integrations.



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