December 30, 2:06PM: The picture tool has been corrected and is now correctly uploading pictures to our cloud server so customers can access them through the web portal. All missing pictures have been restored and no data was lost. This issue affected 111 pictures taken between December 29 and today, and they have all been restored.

Over the holidays, we upgraded our storage capacity so we can store more pictures for longer. In the process, the local server in our warehouse lost connectivity to our cloud storage. We have a monitoring system in place to detect and auto-correct when that happens, but it failed to work in this case. We have corrected the reason it failed so this failure mode won’t happen again.

Thank you for your patience while we corrected this outage!

December 29, 6:30PM:

It’s been reported that pictures we take during the checkin process are not appearing for customers inside of our web portal.

At this stage we know the pictures are stored on the local servers in our warehouse, but are failing to sync to our cloud storage. We are working on this issue, and will keep you updated.

Please follow this blog post for more updates.

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