Web Portal Updates: June 2021

We’ve been working on some recent updates to our web portal. Here’s a quick rundown:

Presort / Receiving Info Is Now Visible

It’s SOP for us to scan every package we receive at the door, and our web portal now displays this info. Customers can see this under the package details now, and inside the “Pending Checkin” report, which lists all packages we’ve presorted but haven’t checked in yet.

We feel customers can use this to assist in claims with carriers and to receive pre-confirmation of arrival before checkin.

Updated Item Details Pane

The item details pane customers use to summarize the status of individual returns or damaged inventory has been updated. We’ve put a new look and layout on it, and exposed some more critical info.

It’s now much easier to get a clear overview about the lifecycle of returned or damaged items, with all relevant info quickly accessible from one place.

New Inbound Order Contents Summary

We’ve added a new summary pane to help customers get a quick overview of inbound shipment contents. The new pane makes it easier to understand what’s been received, while highlighting matters requiring attention.

In particular, this update makes it easier to spot unexpected items, quantity discrepancies, and non-new items received.

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