The wake up call (thank you Albert and Federico!)

About a month ago I walked into the warehouse, fresh off a very positive call with one of our oldest customers. I noticed Kyle was on the dock phone and then he said “oh, let me hand you to the CEO, he can take care of this”.

Suddenly, I was on the phone with a very upset man named Albert who said his products are in our warehouse, and he’s been emailing us for 3 months without any response. I was in disbelief. I told him later his usage of “fuck” was the most appropriate I’ve ever heard.

We looked into the issue; here’s what we’ve come up with

It turns out we’ve been doing a really bad job getting back to people, and we’re sorry about that. There really is no excuse for it, but I think we can fix it.

Since we opened in 2019 customer service has just been a free-for-all; phones and emails were just answered by whoever was available. We’ve outgrown being able to handle it that way, and we’re sorry for taking so long to notice.

We’ve also handled a lot of issues through WhatsApp or our own email accounts instead of the designated customer service inbox ( That has made it really unclear who (if anyone) is taking care of a customer service issue, and created big problems when somebody is out of the office.

Changes and Improvements

We’ve decided to create a formal customer service department and make some other adjustments.

I’d like to announce that Stephanie N. has joined us from Kroger corporation as our new head of customer service. We think creating a formal customer service department will ensure everyone gets timely, quality answers to inquiries.

We have also implemented a weekly cross-functional facilitation session that bridges the gaps between departments, as we’ve found there is often a big disconnect there.

Brice is out the of office, please contact us using these channels below.

Brice is currently out of the office for an extended period of time. If you normally work with him about your account, please be sure to contact us at or call our company main line (513-449-2899) so Stephanie and I can take care of your needs.

Kindest regards,


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